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Who doesn't love receiving fresh craft beer on a regular basis? (Hint: if your answer is “me”, you should really stop reading, now)


Hops to Home delivers 10 cans of fresh beer to beer lovers across the country each month. While I was at first a little dubious, not knowing if it would really be worth it, it didn't take long before that thought dissipated!


Captain K and I have been looking for a subscription-based beer club for a while now, knowing that it would enable us to explore new beers that we don’t get to pick up from our local bottle shops. It took us a long time to decide which one to go for. Firstly, we both like similar styles, but definitely not all styles. From previous experience, some packs are loaded with pilsners and lagers, which neither of us are crazy about. We love big bold flavours, Pale ales, XPA’s, IPA’s, Porters and Stouts.


We took the leap, signed up to Hops to Home, and gave it a go. I hadn't seen too much of what had been sent out in previous months, so wasn't sure what to expect other than the promise of hops, but when we got it, I was pleasantly surprised.


The first month I got the pack, it contained:

Wolf of the Willows - Brut IPA

Hope Brewhouse - Rye IPA

Kaiju Beer - Hopped Out Red

Old Wives Ales - XPA

Coconspiritors Beer - The Apprentice Choc Milk Stout.


I was in heaven. Every single one of these beers, I would have picked out myself. But I knew this was unlikely to continue. I didn't think there was a chance that the quality of the beer could continue to be this good.


The next month, the pack contained:

Little Bang Brewing - IRA

Hop Nation - The Dawn Double NEIPA

Holgate  - X-Wing XPA

Old Wives Ales - Blood Moon Red IPA

Two Heads Brewing - Piper XPA


When I received this box, I had mixed emotions, there were some that sounded really good, and ones that might not be so good, especially if they had sat around in the warehouse for a while. I was wrong, they were all amazing. So fresh, so tasty! Captain K and I couldn't believe it. It had been a long time since we had had such a long streak of such good beers!


As the months went on, so did the great fresh beer. And so did the breweries. Another assumption that I thought before joining was that it would be the same four breweries each month, but its not. There are new breweries, new styles of fresh, quality beers each month, which has made me a big fan of the Hops to Home products.


Would I recommend this product? I think it’s pretty clear that I think Hops to Home provide a great service of really good, fresh craft for a very reasonable price, and they seem to be supporting the Independent brewers of Australia, which The Tasting Paddle is always happy with. Hops to Home is certainly aimed at hop and flavour hunters. Although there are the occasional lighter flavoured beers, the pack contains majority beers that are full of flavour. So if your thing is a summer ale or a lager, maybe this is not for you. However if you love a good pale ale, XPA, IPA (including NEIPA, West Coast, Brut, Red, Rye) or Stout, jump on board!  


If you want to get a $25 off your first purchase just sign up using this link and promo code mZ64mDi8


Doctor Jay

@TheRealDoctorJay |Buddy ProfileDoctorJay

If you want to get a $25 off your first Hops to Home purchase just sign up using this link and promo code mZ64mDi8


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