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Three Greens Brewing Co

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Three Greens Brewing Co, which started in June 2018, is another independent Australian brewing company that has seen the benefit of being gypsy. Started by Luke Moulton-Brooks (Airline Operations Manager), Nick Copland (Pilot) and Julien Langlet (Analytics Manager), the crew at Three Greens are brewing out of Cavalier Brewing in Derrimut.


The three are self proclaimed beer nerds. However, their passion started like so many of us as a hobby of home brewing to access cheap beer and styles that in the 90’s weren’t available in Australia.


The Red Rye IPA was the first beer that the trio came up with. It was soon followed by the Sunrise Ale, and latest release in the range, Night Hawk Rye IIPA, all of which have been developed using their pilot system at the Three Greens HQ in Moonee Ponds, VIC (Nick’s Place), using hops grown in the backyard.


So why the name? They’re not three brothers with the surname Green (yes, that was my initial guess). It comes from the aviation term when coming into land, the pilot looks for three green lights, indicating that all three landing gears are down (ok, that's way cooler than my guess).


Where to from here? The guys have big dreams of opening up a brewpub in Melbourne with national distribution, but in the meantime, they are on a mission to get people to “drink your Greens”!  


You can check out where you can get their beer from here.

@threegreensbrewing @threegreensbrewing | Buddy ProfileThree Greens Brewing Co 


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